Diablo 3 News

Posted by on Apr 12, 2015

  We may be generally satisfied with the development of Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls. But in recent weeks has been shown that – in fact as always – some builds are...

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Guild Wars 2 News

Global Chat: Guild Wars 2’s economy is broken

Posted by on May 23, 2015

  Guild Wars 2’s economy remains a hot-button issue even two-and-a-half years after its release. In this week’s exploration of the blogosphere, one writer pulls...

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Posted by on Jan 8, 2015

  2014 FIFA Planet Cup Brazil comes out because the official video game for the 2014 FIFA Planet Cup. EA Sports released this game on PlayStation three and Xbox 360. It was...

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WOW News

Posted by on May 10, 2015

  This week marks the return of Blizzcon after a year’s hiatus. The convention should bring some big new for World of Warcraft players and the air is electrified at the...

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Recent Posts

The fate of the captured King expansion release

He’d clapped a hand on Arthas’s shoulder, giving him a rare, simple smile. “So stand there today, as I did, feeling that you can’t possibly deserve it or ever be worthy, and know that you’re in the same place every single paladin has ever stood.”

Today saw the third extended Bungie MMO based on the fate of the console, entitled to take the king’s official release date. Extension introduces a series of new tasks and new enemies to fight, new location, new strikes and crucible maps, plus a new RAID. Game expansion will also get three new health grant subclass, as well as new weapons, armor and gear.
A shadow has fallen in our world. Antelope, captured the king, is bent on revenge and manipulation darkness itself raise damage “from” the forces of the army. Before you have to find a way into his indestructible dreadnoughts beat the Kings shooting, he and his army of darkness consume our civilization, and to the destruction of our solar system.
Can be expected to have a large content update any MMO, more livestreams sprung up that the title is streaming through the first three games of tic platform.

Preview-game activities provided WildStar

Summer was in full blaze, and the merciless sun beat down on His Royal Highness Prince Arthas Menethil as he rode through the streets of Stormwind. He was in a foul mood, despite the fact that this was a day that he was supposed to have been looking forward to all his life. The sun glinted off the full plate armor he wore, and Arthas thought he’d bake to death before he reached the cathedral. Sitting atop his new charger only served to remind him that the horse, while powerful, well- trained, and well-bred, was not Invincible, gone for only a few months and bitterly missed. And he found that his mind had suddenly gone blank regarding what he was supposed to do once the ceremony began.

It has hinted that, since pre-release, in-game seasonal events finally made their way into the wilderness planet. From Carbine Studios team is not only an overview of the newly developed blog dates for the two seasonal events, but this is a special event on the recently discovered hoverboard beta / PTR server.
Before the end of this year, we have three awesome game events waiting for you. The Hoverboard zPrix tournament is a celebration of all time, one of our favorite movie series, “and brought some love for the players to enjoy the game. And two seasonal events lined Eve and winter, so that all levels of players cargo capacity to experience the holiday, season-themed rewards and challenging imagination.
The article also details the dates with two bonus event, which has no particular theme, basically double XP / prestige weekend.

Rumor: Guild Wars 2 GOING FREE-TO-PLAY


A low, uneasy warble rumbled in Iskar’s throat. He took the largest tome, On the Histories of Ancient Kings, in his hand. He held up the closed book, examining it from all sides. He could tell from the way the spine was bent what page Viryx had spent the most
time reading. It was a trick an older Adherent had once taught him, a way the elders verified whether their underlings were studying the chapters and sections that they had been assigned during their schooling.

As you can see above, tweeted out, and then delete the message that the core of the game Guild Wars 2 will go to the free-to-play, probably over thorns expansion of the heart to live later this year. (The other part, about RAID content, is known to be revealed this weekend.)

I would probably last a few paragraphs, but I do not want to speculate too much influence this game or it will be on the community or the economy, until we get some kind of recognition and this is an exact idea of ​​what (potential) plan It entails. And, to be honest, I would still back and forth a few people discuss the consequences arising from their own and formed my own ideas.

The only thing I would say is that I do not like that any such move is a sign that GW2 is “dying” of the financial data is still good, the new extension is on the way, which includes the core of the game, which the NSA now has actually given away – discount it up in sales during the $ 5 $ 9 – In the past few years, such that it’s “free” is not really much change.

NSA now has plans to introduce at PAX Prime Minister on Saturday morning, so we could understand this topic so we need to know everything. Now, we leave it at your news, let you form your own opinion. Okay? Bad? No big deal? Let us know what you think!