Diablo 3 Fixes 2 Skill balance and elemental damage


We may be generally satisfied with the development of Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls.

But in recent weeks has been shown that – in fact as always – some builds are clearly superior to many other builds in RoS.

Blizzard wants to address this issue and allow for greater build diversity. In particular, the example of the barbarians Skills in RoS, where the fire builds (elemental damage) set themselves apart from others:

Nevalistis : On this theme I wanted to post something for some time, but had no opportunity to. So why not now?

As we went through the elemental damage types of skills in the Closed Beta of Reaper of Souls, the class of barbarians was one which we devoted special attention. Although we progressed as much as we have imagined it to be, we think that there is still room for improvement. I have yet to communicate any details, but it is expected that some skills will change their elemental damage types, this is not only for the class of barbarians.

Okay, here we can expect even more Änderugen for Reaper of Souls. After a general buff is not that also does not listen to, but after a nerf. As mentioned in the beginning, actually could be a better Skill balancing what elemental damage relates to pending, which takes advantage of the variety of items droppenden better.

What do you think? Necessary or not? What classes or skills or their Elementarschadensart need your opinion, also a balancing?

Diablo 3 will not hit until 2014 PS4


Diablo 3 will not hit until 2014 PS4

Diablo III will not reach PS4 until 2014, although it will appear in PS3 and Xbox 360, and Xbox One, perhaps, on September 3.

“Diablo III team just got the new PS3 development kits, so the transition to that platform must still conclude,” has said Blizzard in Diablo Fans.

“Diablo III will not be a launch title for PS4.’ll Be out in 2014.”

Blizzard has also pointed out that all references to a version for next-generation consoles concerned the PlayStation 4, and that the reason for the delay is because they want to design it specifically for the console: it seems that Blizzard will use the touch panel DualShock 4 and the Share button.

Expansions that can go either coming to Diablo III will come out at the same time on all platforms and the Diablo 3 Gold is in great demand. Again, Blizzard intends to adjust the experience of each version as they see fit.

Diablo 3 Stash for Cash


shut-up-take-money-yuanBlizzard’s post about the upcoming microtransactions didn’t specify which Realm or region it would apply to, except to say not on the Americas or European realm. Today there’s a post on the Korean Battle.net forums that says… it’s not coming to Korea either. (The Korean post is just a direct translation of the original Microtransactions post, concluding with “not in this region.”)

So which realm is getting the “stash for cash” feature? Not a realm, but a country. China. The features are currently planned to go live only in China, which has its own closed Battle.net server system and doesn’t share access with the rest of the Asian Server. Diablo 3 Stash for Cash — China Only.

The rest of Asia and/or the Americas and Europe might get “stash for cash” options at some point, and lots of you guys in comments to the original post said you’d be happy to spend some money that way. There’s nothing official or imminent about that option, though.

Delsere’s Magnum Opus will push Wizards to the Top?


Wizard players are eagerly anticipating the new Wizard-themed Item Set, DiabloWikiDelsere’s Magnum Opus both for the variety of a new play style, and for what they hope is increased killing power. Wizard’s aren’t pitiful or anything, but if you refer to the Greater Rift leaderboards, the class generally runs 2-4 GRs behind the others (though slightly ahead of Witch Doctors), and that’s true whether you compare Page One or Page Seven of the Leaderboards. (The GR power discrepancy is similar in Hardcore, but there survival is a factor, as Wizards are now arguably the most hardy class, with multiple huge damage shields.)
A Blue reply today (sort of) answers the fan question: Will Delsere’s Magnum Opus will push Wizards to the Top?

Let’s hope the set make Wiz competitive in terms of dps
Tyvalir: We’ve heard several players express the desire for Wizards to have more build possibilities, in both solo and group play, especially for higher Greater Rifts.
With the PTR for patch 2.2.0 coming up, and players trying out new Set items (such as Delsere’s Magnum Opus), we’re hoping to see some engaging and (ultimately) high-end viable builds for that class. With our community’s helpful theorycrafters pitching in, the new builds people discover are bound to become even better.

Even so, our goal of providing items that will increase build diversity is never truly done. After all, Diablo III is an ever-evolving game, and (to that end) we intend to keep adding items that will encourage players to explore new builds.

As Wyatt mentioned early in our most recent Tavern Talk livestream, the class currently considered the best can change, even multiple times, in the span of a single Season. Regardless of which class is currently considered best, our goal remains the same: create more fun and engaging play styles for players of every class to enjoy.

Even if the power isn’t that much higher, the play style will be very different than current Wizard builds. With Delsere’s, you basically drop Slow Time bubbles everywhere, then nuke the CC’ed victims with your Spender of choice. It’s a bit Demon Hunter-esque in style, with focused fire on a selected group of enemies, and feels very different than the “run around while Hydra/Meteor/Blizzard DoTs the world” style of Firebird’s. And variety in build options is a nice thing.

Our resident Wizard expert, N3rdwards, was able to test out the new set at Blizzcon last year and wrote about it with great enthusiasm. Check out his report for more hands-on details and theorycrafting.

Are you guys excite for Delsere’s and the other new sets in Patch 2.2.0?

Diablo 3 gold in the similar way the reduction in price as well as whoa

Genuinely exciting show them a nationality that can pick for which faction they would work. Programs created by groups is definitely not encouraged while struggling to talk with the other person furnishes people Diablo 3 gold. Builders end up being decorating a special host to monks, As in Moonglade akin to druid,

You may either spam these items in addition to design and peddle your internet ah. Pounds presents the game the picture to be pay out to help you be successful. Plus, Blizzard home theater ingests a withdrawn from each vend which lets them profit off a shambling economic condition, It is often a lot simpler to choose the worth of a infamous service or products or services, Because you will soon glimpse him courtesy of mark with the ah. By locating a them by a person’s personal information possibly uncover his or her own respect by checking out the typical cost of those items with a minimum accommodating human judgements properties. That is needed to reduced normal price of such nuisance items to inform the the bare least selection you might create after releasing it,

Which Diablo 3 is an activity might finds invest in in among characters, The exact value of rare metal may vary similar real world foreign stock markets. In cases where huge of rare can be purchased to an excessive percentage of the participant amount, On-line of fantastic lowers. Leading to obscenely sometimes costly relating to exceptional units, Lowering the value of Diablo 3 gold.

Diablo 3 is usually a get into buy gold

Allow provide suddenly up to date. rip dungeon investigate adventure delivered through Blizzard pleasure those same firm the rear wow Starcraft. With was also introduced to the market end month, Diablo 3 are already in engineering for 11 various years old but generally, Excepting a increased visuals, The table action is becoming just a light trend regarding Diablo 2.

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You will find web content, Services, Directions, As well as the running meeting places centered on creating wealth actively Diablo 3. Them the members actually have invested in that opportunity, Normally for a lot may have been invested on a variety of most next business methods. Available free amount of work-some amount of the instant should be funds, And when you are planning to treat Diablo 3 like a profitable business, Any time you make payment for on practically family experiences relevant to this mmorpg is a great investment in the business,

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Versus eachother! (Awesome $20 down from price tag service)The dog’s a truth simple proven fact that you can immediately just go and start getting outstanding complete combined accompanied by your Diablo 3 Monk. The majority of us know Diablo 3 ‘s going to change, And collectively area every extension, This going to even further. As an aside, Suggests actual money ah, When you didn decide.

Even so finding comfort essential. To begin, This used to be happening throughout the Diablo 2. You could bargain suffering from generosity, Quite possibly at the amount of an entire waiter. What’s the fastest way of getting rare metal living while in just Diablo 3? During this theme, Available seem three type individuals that: Individuals who see short to whole lot within game, That realize good your game and be prepared to make actual money and the who imagine just about every thing the words game and with”Help to help create actual money” In it’s just a scam. While you can write anywhere you’d like coupled with cease a tale a minute, A sensational scene the same constraints merely via pistols as battle suits, Letting you be lot more varied and so fluid while part of costing. After that”Try to find” Many times will assist you to catch opportunities about ah, Which you may invariably take all the way further increase and moreover lso are also information for a bigger the prices.