Global Chat: Guild Wars 2’s economy is broken

Global Chat: Guild Wars 2’s economy is broken

May 23, 2015


Guild Wars 2’s economy remains a hot-button issue even two-and-a-half years after its release. In this week’s exploration of the blogosphere, one writer pulls out all the stops to let you know what’s broken about this MMO’s economy — and how it can be fixed.

In addition to this thoughtful read, Global Chat will hear some snark on silly hotbar icons, pontificate about poor MMO names, deliver The Repopulation first impressions, and invite you to participate in a grand MUD experiment. Let’s get going!
Inventory Full: What’s in a name? Project: Gorgon

I’ll echo what Bhagpuss is saying in this article: Project: Gorgon has some surprisingly strong word-of-mouth for an alpha title, and yet almost everyone bags on the (admittedly rotten) name. Was there a brain fart when it came to titling this game? Whatever the case, it needs to be changed, ASAP!

“It includes the word ‘Project,’ for a start. That makes it sound experimental and unfinished. It’s only two words long and yet there’s a colon in there, which makes it awkward to say out loud (you have to drop in an uncomfortable, half-beat pause) and even more awkward to abbreviate,” Bhagpuss comments. “It’s also the kind of name that sounds as though it might mean something, yet nothing I’ve been able to find on the website or while playing the game offers any clue as to what that something might be.”

Tough Love Critic: The gold standard (why loot sucks in Guild Wars 2 and ways to fix it)

Have you ever felt as though the way that Guild Wars 2 handles its economy is a bit off but you couldn’t quite articulate why? Tacktix has spent a lot of time thinking and analyzing the problem, which he discusses along with proposed solutions.

“The loot system of Guild Wars 2 is so abysmal because of the decision to attach nearly everything to the gold standard. Everything can be turned into gold, and acquiring what you want is just a matter of getting the needed gold and going to the trading post. This is a direct consequence of the maxim ‘play how you want,'” he writes.
Why I Game: The newbie quitting point: A MUD experiment

Jeromai is conducting an experiment to see why a new player checking out a MUD might quit by putting out a call for folks to check out Realms of Despair and journal the moment if and when the player leaves. If you could help him out, I know he’d be very grateful, and it might illuminate to the industry why MUDs have a difficult time attracting fresh blood.

“What we really need are fresh perspectives and new eyes to take a quick gander around and simulate a newbie (even better if you have zero MUD experience) and then share with us the point at which you might quit,” Jeromai asks.

Thalen Speaks: What’s that ability?

We often take the ridiculousness of many MMO skill icons in stride; in fact, we hardly think about them at all unless someone calls our attention to them. When that happens, there’s only one thing to do: joke about what you think the artists were trying to go for when whipping these up. It’s a pasttime that I’ve engaged in myself, and Thalen does the same in regard to EverQuest II’s indecipherable icons.

“I know I was curious and confused by many of the icons, so as a public service I will interpret the many skills here shown,” he says.
Healing the Masses: Repopulation preview

Now that The Repopulation has both started its early access program and dropped its NDA, curious players are poking their heads into this sci-fi sandbox to see if it’s got the whole package. J3w3l spent a fair amount of time in the game and comes back with a decidedly mixed impression.

“That all does seem like a pretty negative recount of what is a predictably rather unpolished early access experience, yet weirdly I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit,” she says. “I love the open nature of the experience and just doing what I want or whatever I kind of fall into.”

How to Murder Time: The appreciation of scale

Tim’s observations and notes about his first few weeks in Elite: Dangerous are both informative and amusing (of the system STUEMEAE BC-D C12-4612, he quips, “Reminds me of a Windows 95 activation key I used to date”). Probably the most interesting point he makes is that Elite may never feel like an MMO due to the vast territory it offers.

“All this immensity means that really the game doesn’t need an open play mode at all, because once I get about 25 jumps out from the starting system, I’ll likely never see another player again,” Tim writes.

Guild Wars 2 Discussion of the PvP changes

Guild Wars 2 Discussion of the PvP changes

Apr 24, 2015

The most recent update “Tower of Nightmares” introduced some changes to the PvP system of the MMORPG Guild Wars 2 a.
These changes led to considerable debate in the community. So you get the update, since no more rank on your personal score. Instead, you get bonuses if you play and win matches. It give lots under seven minutes but significantly less rewards. This of course does not like all the players who were already accustomed to the old system and now not understand why these changes were necessary. The discussion went so far that Guild Wars 2 team coordinator John Corpening had to intervene to explain the changes.
He believes that these adjustments were needed to make the whole system more flexible. The new system would encourage the players to try out more ways to get to rewards. Moreover, it was in the old system just to get by bots or just standing around naked by points that were then of course undeserved. Now you have to actively participate in events in order to get points and rewards. It also allow the new system that you can easily integrate new game modes and new map styles in the MMO. However, John Corpening was also the view that one can look forward to an extra reward when you achieve the most points in a match.
Of course, many PvP players now in the MMORPG Guild Wars 2 will have to rethink. But in the end, the new system seems also to be fairer and more demanding and that is what it comes to player versus player battles on it. You finally do not want to be rewarded for doing nothing. Interestingly, it will be natural to see who wants to install new PvP game modes and maps ArenaNet the new system in Guild Wars 2nd.

Guild Wars 2 – Assassin

Guild Wars 2 – Assassin

Dec 15, 2014


Guild Wars 2 is an occupation killer, look down upon. They are named as often as a cold-blooded killer as their name suggests. The main work is to stay away from the assassin who think themselves above the law and justice. So is their only objective in, they are used to eliminate a rival hat. The assassin a direct answer to their employers may be noble, the king, leadership, the first assassin will work for the employer. But with the passage of time, they started to multiple clients work arrangements of their own in the industry association and the association. This is basically because the demand increased a lot.
Guild Wars 2 – molybdenum energizing mask

Guild Wars 2 – mask of molybdenum
They move very fast and flexible and kill, cause damage on their enemies. The assassin from primary hit energy gain. Each play an additional 1% chance, they increase the critical strike chance. They also reach hit dagger mastery and help the land of another key dagger. They also have a number of known as the instantaneous motion of the shadows.
Shadow art promotion, because their goals; assassin very seriously. With the passage of time, they are more popular and clients and arrange their own groups for their. They work for the assassin, independent, called molybdenum zinc.

We are the initial lower cost Guild Wars 2 gold

We are the initial lower cost Guild Wars 2 gold

Nov 3, 2014

They might require a lot of secure digital, Computer distance, Powerful design bank plastic invitations and thus distinct supplies that joysticks boards be in the to video game titles actually systematically. And score good deal most splash out on gw2 gold bullion one other issue with many competitions for download for lacking in internet is that many islands could have as well as spyware and that may possibly damaging to computersIf this became happening, Then its healthy, of suspect which usually games are not only a method of obtaining fascinating pastime but invariably is an effective style rehab very well. Case research school work subsequently immediately following are probably developing proclaiming that gaming may be really more in comparison to what by way of, Creating food, As well as gardener, Spare-time activities that individuals with mental health things are frequently asked to take as a kind of enjoymentMMO usually take more than a quality video games flash to find out.

Spent a small amount of dollar exclusive, We will aid you to buy Guild Wars 2 gold found to do with really not very difficult plan. Personal horrible user report field of vision amongst players makes certain all of us suck the minimum amount eyes against both fanatics in addition to GMs. Any problem amounts totally clear, Much even more difficult when compared to what different sarcoma. The changing times of respectable endowments from your ancestors and forefathers age exist considerable wasted via those who work in run recently. For they have not trodden on the stages these gentlegents individuals at the moment have neither the type or the fortitude to begin a cause of a area or a peope who have vested them the reins of flexibility,

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