It’s time to unleash the People’s Eyebrow of classes. He prefers to be known as The Warrior.

The Warrior is a close-range, brute-force brawler that uses high-tech weaponry and atomic energy to close distances, generate threat, and bring the damages. He’s kind of a nuclear-powered Swiss Army knife attached to a pro wrestler.

The Warrior comes fully-loaded with a giant power sword, heavy armor, brute force and a cannon.

The Warrior has a power sword and he uses it to smash through anything that gets in his way. Now, a Warrior’s arm cannon can do a little bit of everything; shoot this fool, grapple that guy, power-saw this thing, water some flowers. He also has our favorite moves from 1980s wrestling.

The warrior equip with heavy armor. Thanks to limited action set, the warrior can be a straight-up tank or go balls-to-the-wall damage. Maybe a healthy dose of both?

So that’s the Warrior. Get your eyeballs over to the website and and read when we have more update on this class.

wildstar warrior with big sword


Ability Resources: The warrior makes use of huge sword and powerful tech armor to destroy his enemies. He is tough and rough. Since the warrior uses bulky arms and ammunition in combat, a lot of energy will be expended in carrying his two-handed massive sword and heavy armor in the battlefield.

Kinetic energy is the ability resource available to the warrior. While abilities such as relentless strikes build up the kinetic energy level of the warrior, abilities like power strikes consume the kinetic energy of a player. At the beginning of a game, the player has no kinetic energy. However, he builds up his kinetic energy level during combat with powerful abilities like relentless strikes.

Innate Abilities: The innate abilities for the warrior called “stance” which could be seperated to two types:the bulwark and juggernaut. When activated, the bulwark protects the warrior from incoming damage and prevents the kinetic energy reserves of the player from decreasing for about 8 seconds. The bulwark raises the threat generation level of the player by 150 percent.

The juggernaut is another powerful stance of the warrior that increases assault power by 33 percent and reduces all forms of resistance by 20 percent. To activate the juggernaut, the player has to trigger the overhead drive for about 6 seconds.

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