The WoW Factor : Go for BlizzCon


This week marks the return of Blizzcon after a year’s hiatus. The convention should bring some big new for World of Warcraft players and the air is electrified at the prospect. We take a look at things we’d like to see in our latest Wow Factor. Check it out before leaving us your Blizzcon wish list in the comments. The BlizzCon opening ceremony is typically where all of the big announcements are made. This year, the big announcement we’re all anticipating is the next World of Warcraft Expansion. With Mists of Pandarias storyline having recently wrapped up (or so we think), there were a few unanswered hooks along the way that may hint at what may lay ahead (especialy if you completed the legendary quest line). buy Power Leveling.Then again, those hooks may not pay off until years from now. The point is we have no idea what’s next for WoW as we approach it’s ninth anniversary. So, here are a few things I am hoping to see in the next expansion, or WoW 6.0.

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Noblegarden Cometh, And It’s Darkmoon Faire Time Again!


Dude! It’s April 1st, which means a lovely April Fools’ day gag from ye old Blizz. I’d love it if it were something WoW related, but I’d bet cheap wow gold they’re gonna take the opportunity to promote Overwatch or sumn. I’m writing this post a little early, so the gag’s not up yet. Buncha other folks have already released theirs so I’m surprised we haven’t got some troll patch notes or the like.

Anyway, that doesn’t mean this month isn’t chock-full of content after a slightly barren March. The Noblegarden Feast is up first, starting April 6th and ending April 13th. It’s a little weird that Horde folks are now taking part in this, but whatevs, more content, right? The PIG’s gonna be sure to find ALL those coins, candy, eggs and goodies… otherwise I’ll just look up a FAQ and get ‘em, what, it’s Easter? I got REAL bacon to chow down on, you dig?

Besides, I’m probably gonna be more invested in my favorite regular wow event, Darkmoon Faire. This month it runs from April 5th to 12th, so there’s some weird overlap with Noblegarden, but it’s not a big deal. Location as usual is Darkmoon Island, just outside Thunder Bluff and Stormwind.

If you’re savvy, you can get a whole heapin’ buncha rewards too. Blizzard’s promising a crayzee seventeen different battle pets, a few of which I don’t have yet. There’s the Darkmoon Tonk, Darkmoon Zeppelin, and Darkmoon Monkey. Two mounts are up for grabs too: Darkmoon Dancing Bear and Swift Forest Strider. Replica armor sets for all classes, but hey, you probably already have the Lightforge set for Paladins, right? There are also of course a TON of heirloom items and heirloom upgrades.

After that? Children’s Week, from April 27th all the way through May 4th. Some people don’t dig Children’s week, but they’re grumps. Yeah, the orphan model looks tres creepy, but the quests are fun, and heck it’s kinda cool that the Blizz acknowledges orphans and gets gamers to do something cool for ‘em, even if it is only virtual. I’m all for it. You can get started on the orphan quests by heading to the Orphan Matrons in Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Shattrath City or Dalaran. Do a good deed, get paid. Well, not paid, you get six achievements, the character title “Matron” or”Patron,” and up to10 different battle pets. Not bad for a day’s work, eh?

And that’s yer month of WoW. Of course there’s The Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza, which takes place all over Stranglethorn Vale, every Sunday from 2pm. Gotta be honest, the PIG prefers BACON, not fish. That’s yer lot for this week. I’m outtie 5-thou.

How Blizzard could bring back Hunter pet loyalty


Hunter pets back in vanilla were convoluted by today’s standards. You couldnt’ simply tame a pet and use it. You had to worry about several things:

Pets did not level up to your level. If you were level 60 and tamed a level 10 pet, you would have to manually level them up. Very slowly, since they weren’t able to do any tanking for you when they’d get killed in a few hits.
Pets had 6 loyalty levels, which also had to be leveled up. The more loyal they were, the easier it was to keep them happy.
Pet Happiness had to be kept up by feeding your pet regularly, if you didn’t keep your pet happy they would do less damage. If they stayed unhappy for too long, they would permanently abandon you.
In today’s WoW this simply wouldn’t fly, but there was something good buried under all that. Hunters tended to pick a single pet and stick with it (helped that we could only have 2 other pets in the stable at the time). Rak’shiri was my main pet through a good part of vanilla. Your pet was your best buddy because you worked so hard to get them there. Not like today where it’s almost become a collection mini-game.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy collecting pets, but I still think something was lost from the spirit of the class. Pets feel more disposable than ever.

It got me wondering if there was a way to bring back the idea of a hunter bonding with their pet, without all of the baggage that made it not fun.


Lords Of War Focuses On Kilrogg Deadeye

In case you were wondering, Kilrogg Deadeye absolutely is possibly the most ruthless Warlord we’ve seen yet in these animated shorts. Without spoiling the above video (go ahead and watch it) it’s got interesting bits in it – the arakkoa make an appearance, we get to see Kilrogg’s father, and the actual ritual where the infamous Deadeye earns buying achat wow po safe his name is shown. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the culture of the Bleeding Hollow clan and Kilrogg’s role in it.

I think this might be my favorite of the four videos so far. It’s plausible that Maraad might know this – there’s no reason it should be unchanged between his Draenor and the one we’re going to explore. But moreover, and suitably, it’s the darkest of the four to date, which Kilrogg making a very difficult decision that costs him quite dearly… and more than an eye.

I also like the rumination on the Alliance’s faith in the Light at the opening. Varian’s ‘So I’m told’ was a nice beat. Check out the video now.

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